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Books For Adults

You will find unforgettable characters, thought-provoking plots, and Scripture
applications that help the characters through their journeys and battles. With God’s
strength and guidance, the characters find incredible resolve and growth.


Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall

Elaine Smith lived in the small coastal town of Sabal Palms long enough to know when to worry about a squall and when to simply close the windows and wait for it to pass. This one would be significant. It would be significant in terms of damage, but that was to be expected. What no one expected was the profound effect it would have on the lives of people from the Texas coast to New York City. Positive qualities of humanity are often displayed during times of natural disaster.


But a supernatural power had attached to this storm and subsequently worked within the hearts of the most needy, the most lonely, and the most sinister. The lives of four delightful women, a homeless teen, a rebellious son, a grieving lover who is at the bottom, a son who lost his faith, and a hired murderer, are all intertwined in the aftereffects of a Category 3 hurricane thanks to a few passages written by one determined woman.

Sabal Palms: After the Storm

Elaine Smith and her friends just want to keep their small, beachside town of Sabal Palms as it is. They have enough to worry about trying to navigate Bonnie's diagnosis as a borderline diabetic. But after Hurricane Jada wreaks havoc on the town, the small, Southern paradise suddenly finds itself the object of a rich businessman's next big venture. And with the town in need of funds to rebuild, the community may have no choice but to accept the deal.


When Trent Fortune comes into town with a grand idea to make it a tourist attraction, Elaine and her friends discover that there is more going on with this business deal than meets the eye--one that involves the New Age religion. Determined to save their church and their town, Elaine and her friends pray for God to show them a way.


But when Trent's plane goes down in the ocean on a surveillance flight, Elaine finds herself mixed up in a business deal that could change everything for the community she loves. Along the way, Elaine will find again that God is always at work behind the scenes in mysterious ways and that big things can happen when we just trust in Him.

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Coming Soon

Sabal Palms and the Stormy Past

Christmas at Sabal Palms: A Christmas Novella

Christmas has come again to Sabal Palms; but with the unusually warm temperatures, Elaine is finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Her friends have created a Christmas tradition of taking on a new adventure each year, and this year, Bonnie has decided they should all be in the town’s Christmas boat parade. Maybe their new adventure will help Elaine revive her heart for Christmas.

But a mysterious stranger has come to Sabal Palms who may make this Christmas even more interesting. When the ladies head to their friend Ramon’s tree lot to purchase their Christmas trees, they are introduced to Chris, a sullen and depressed man who seems to have some problems of his own. As the ladies prepare each other’s houses for Christmas, they notice Chris around town acting suspiciously.

Elaine is feeling God calling her to speak to Chris face-to-face instead of using her writing as she had in the past. But will Elaine find the right words to say to soften this stranger’s heart? And will Elaine finally be able to celebrate Christmas?


Both Sides of the Border

Inspired by True Current Events.
Dolores, Ernesto, and Emilio Sanchez are on a quest to America to find work and to save their family, who has been devastated by their father's accident and the drought in their home country of Honduras. But making their way to America would be too expensive for a family stricken by poverty. With only their faith in God to see them through, the teenaged siblings set off for their new home, despite the threat from the cartel, corrupt police officers, starvation, and death.

Meanwhile, Eva Jordan is determined to start a new life on the American side of the Mexican border, hoping to shake off the scars from a horrible marriage. Despite her mother's concern for her daughter living so close to the border, Eva decides to take a vacation to the other side to sharpen up her Spanish and relax before her new job begins. She is struck by the beautiful towns of Mexico, but slowly, her eyes are opened to the dangers that are knocking at her front door.

When a hurricane washes away the border walls, will the two sides collide in hatred or unite in perfect harmony?

Winner of the American Writing Award, Firebird Book Awards

Tenacity & Spirt

Beth, having been given one last chance to keep her job, is transferred to a small town where she is taken under the wing of Rose, rumored to be the local mystic. An older woman, Rose is believed to have the power to change lives through her biblical storytelling. Each evening, over the course of weeks, Rose prepares a light supper for Beth, which is followed by the telling of a chapter in the life of the matriarch Rebekah. Beth’s will slowly changes as her personality is transformed. Workmates befriend her; she finds a place and prospective husband in Rose’s church; and her dedication and production at work puts her up as a candidate for employee of the year. Finally, Beth finds the courage to reconcile her past differences with her mother. 


Devotional for Caregivers

Caregivers are dedicated people who support the daily needs of their loved ones. Loved ones who cannot function independently, may require this type of assistance for weeks or even years. Caregivers know that this service to others can be trying, exhausting, and exhilarating. Family members of those who have chronic or debilitating diseases and conditions, such as cancer, brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease, and children with disabling conditions, give their time and effort to provide help to another. Caregivers interact with medical staff, look after the daily needs of their loved one, and provide spiritual and mental support. The topics covered in this book, Devotional for Caregivers: Strength Through Faith are based on actual caregiver experiences. Within the pages of this book, the reader can find topics such as supporting the physical needs of others, making sense of doctor’s reports, strengthening faith, finding joy in the little things, requesting assistance from others, and taking care of the caregiver. Throughout the book, common themes emerge to support caregivers. The reader will find interesting Bible Scriptures, offering a Christian perspective, for handling issues that may arise. These inspiring passages will assist the caregiver in finding peace and faith as they travel their journey as a caregiver. Although caregivers may not know how long they will play this role, they take on the responsibility without any question. Taking care of others is often mentioned in the Bible and, as noted in this devotional, this self-sacrificing, highly valued, and often challenging service will ultimately be rewarded.

America of We the People

This is an inspirational patriotic Christian book for those who feel pride in the United States of America and support the Constitution and America. This is a collection of famous quotes, original poetry, short essays or musings, and Scriptural references. If you are looking to read short works of heartfelt poems, quotes, and essays valued by those who follow an American and Christian way of life, you will enjoy this book. Topics include patriotism, soldiers who see war for the first time, September 11, 2001, Benghazi, Afghanistan, faith in America, first responders, the Vietnam and Korean Wars, and topics of the current times such as vaccine mandates, media, liberty, and identity politics. A portion of the sales of both the paperback and ebook versions go to the Tunnel2Towers Foundation for veterans and first responders.

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Devotional for Those Coping with Tragedy

This devotional book follows the author’s own faith journey back to God. Significant life events can shake our world and distort our faith. Following life’s tragedies, a common reaction is to become angry with God or to reject Him altogether. Examples of tragedies or traumas include life-changing events such as physical or sexual assault, destruction of one’s home, the tragic death of a loved one, diagnoses of terminal diseases, divorce, miscarriages, or being a victim of a crime. Tragedies or traumas can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt. After major tragedies, an individual may be locked in an unhealthy pattern of behavior due to depression and anger. Peacefulness is not within the heart of a person having difficulty with the aftermath of a tragedy. Getting past the event may take years and be fraught with sadness. This book provides a unique approach to recovering from tragedy by incorporating Scripture and guiding the reader to strengthen their faith. In this devotional book, the reader will be able to assess their own progress along the pathway back to God. Explanations of the relationship of anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt are provided. Although there are many self-help therapeutic books and resources, this devotional book presents suggestions for coping with tragedies and regaining faith. Along each step of the journey, meaningful Scriptures are provided to help the reader connect back to their faith and to become closer to God.


A lo largo del libro, surgen temas comunes para apoyar a los cuidadores. El lector encontrará interesantes Escrituras Bíblicas, que ofrecen una perspectiva cristiana para manejar los problemas y dificultades que puedan surgir. Estos pasajes inspiradores ayudarán al cuidador a encontrar paz y fe mientras desempeña este importante trabajo.Aunque los cuidadores pueden no saber cuánto tiempo desempeñaran este papel, asumen la responsabilidad sin ninguna duda. Cuidar a los demás a menudo se menciona en la Biblia y, como se señala en este devocional, este servicio sacrificado, altamente valorado y, a menudo, desafiante, será recompensado en última instancia.



Este libro devocional sigue el camino de la fe del autor de regreso a Dios. Los eventos importantes de la vida pueden sacudir nuestro mundo y distorsionar nuestra fe. Después de las tragedias de la vida, una reacción común es enojarse con Dios o rechazarlo por completo. Ejemplos de tragedias o traumas incluyen eventos que cambian la vida, un abuso sexual, hogar destruido en un incendio o un desastre natural, la trágica muerte de un ser querido, diagnóstico de una enfermedad terminal, divorcio, aborto o víctima de un delito . Las tragedias o los traumas pueden causar sentimientos de ansiedad, depresión, vergüenza y culpa. Después de grandes tragedias, una persona puede verse atrapada en un patrón de comportamiento no saludable debido a la depresión y la ira. La tranquilidad no está en el corazón de una persona después de experimentar una tragedia. Sobreponserse al evento puede llevar años de tristeza, soledad e incluso desesperación. Este libro ofrece un enfoque único para poder superar la tragedia al incorporar las Escrituras y guiar al lector a fortalecer su fe.

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