Oddball Ornaments: The Story of Forgiveness

Every Thanksgiving, the Oddball Ornaments are pulled out of the attic and hung on the tree to enjoy the holiday season with the humans. Last Christmas, the Oddballs learned that "Turkey Day" and "Box Day" weren't about them but about a special Baby. This Christmas, the Oddballs are going to learn even more about this special Baby and why love means you are always ready to forgive.

Sabal Palms: After the Storm
                     Book 2

Elaine Smith and her friends just want to keep their small, beachside town of Sabal Palms as it is. 

When Trent Fortune comes into town with a grand idea to make it a tourist attraction, Elaine and her friends discover that there is more going on with this business deal than meets the eye--one that involves the New Age religion. Determined to save their church and their town, Elaine and her friends pray for God to show them a way.


Legends of the Donut Shop

At seventeen years of age, Wes Williams is injured in a head-on collision and nearly loses his life. Wes does not know if he will live or die. In a mysterious near-death experience, he travels back in time to his earlier years and the time he spent with his grandfather and his old buddies at the Donut Shop. The humorous gang of old veterans, and one retired sheriff, retell their stories once again. This time, Wes understands the meaning of each story.

This is a book of second chances, life lessons, and forgiveness. Wes's life is changed forever and he begins a new chapter in his life.  A book for 9 years to 90 years of age.

Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall

Elaine Smith lived in the small coastal town of Sabal Palms long enough to know when to worry about a squall and when to simply close the windows and wait for it to pass. This one would be significant. It would be significant in terms of damage, but that was to be expected. What no one expected was the profound effect it would have on the lives of people from the Texas coast to New York City. Positive qualities of humanity are often displayed during times of natural disaster. 
But a supernatural power had attached to this storm and subsequently worked within the hearts of the most needy, the most lonely, and the most sinister. The lives of four delightful women, a homeless teen, a rebellious son, a grieving lover who is at the bottom, a son who lost his faith, and a hired murderer, are all intertwined in the aftereffects of a Category 3 hurricane thanks to a few passages written by one determined woman.

Both Sides of the Border

New Release!


America of We the People

America of We the People is a brave conservative statement of the country’s condition. We stand at the chasm between freedom and tyranny. As we struggle between independent capitalism and socialism, this inspirational patriotic book reinforces pride in the United States of America, the Constitution, and Judeo-Christian values. 


America of We the People was awarded the Firebird Book Award for socio-political and political categories. It underscores the love of our great country through a collection of famous quotes, original poetry, short essays or musings, and Scriptural references. If you are looking to read short works of heartfelt poems, quotes, and essays valued by those who follow an American and Christian way of life. 

Topics include patriotism, soldiers who see war for the first time, September 11, 2001, Benghazi, Afghanistan, faith in America, first responders, the Vietnam and Korean Wars, and topics of the current times such as vaccine mandates, media, liberty, and identity politics. The book is dedicated to military servicemen and women, veterans, and first responders. It was written in memory of those who died defending freedom and fighting against terrorism.

A portion of the sales of both the paperback and ebook versions go to the Tunnel2Towers Foundation for veterans and first responders.

A New Christmas Book!

The misfit ornaments 
learn the true meaning of Christmas! Join Nutcracker, Red, Ballerina, Train, and Candy Cane in this adventure!

Devotional For Caregivers

Devotional for Those Coping with Tragedy

En Español

Devocional para Jovenes

Devocional Para Aquellos Que Cuidan Enfermos Terminales, Ancianos o Discapacitados

Devocional Para Aquellos Que Hacen
Frente A La Tragedia